Preliminary Announcement: King & Queen’s Arts & Sciences Competition Format

This announcement is meant to give artisans advanced knowledge of the format so they can plan their work accordingly. However, please note that this announcement is incomplete, and a more complete announcement, along with details about preregistration, will be constructed once the event date and site are chosen. If you have questions, please e-mail


-Mistress Elysabeth Underhill (Lissa), Queen’s champion

-Master Magnus Hvalmagi, King’s Champion
Entrants may enter 1- 3 items into the competition, but the championship will be judged as a body of work. Individual entries will not be scored. No item should have won a previous King’s or Queen’s Championship, and each item to be judged should have been made within three years of the competition. The items can be from a single discipline or from multiple disciplines, however, entries which tell a coherent story about a people, time and place are encouraged. The winner of the competition is the Queen’s Champion of Arts and Science. The King determines the King’s Champion of Arts and Science.

The judging will be conducted face-to-face using a judging rubric which will be made publicly available before the competition (and one that is similar to the rubric that has been used for the past two years and is available on the kingdom arts and sciences website). Entrants will have the opportunity to stand by their table and judges will be asked to talk to entrants before reading their documentation.  Thus entrants should prepare a brief overview presentation about their project to be delivered to both judges and interested event attendees.  Absentee entries will not be accepted.  Judging will be done as a single team, drawing from various areas of expertise. The top entries will then be announced and then a second round of face-to-face judging will occur with the King and Queen present.

Documentation is required to compete in the King and Queen’s Arts and Sciences Championship. Entrants are encouraged to use the judging rubric (which will be updated shortly) to help them determine what information to include in their documentation. However, due to the large number of entrants this competition typically receives, the length of the documentation provided must be limited to allow time for judging. Entrants are asked to compose a 1/2 to 1 page abstract or summary which provides an overview of their entire entry (their body of work). The primary documentation for the entire entry should be no longer than 6 pages, not including references. Entrants are encouraged to include a table of contents and section headings to make reading the documentation easier for the judges, and judges will be asked to read both the summary and primary documentation in full. Appendixes may be used to convey supplemental information, things such as images, tables, charts, excerpts from historic texts, detailed descriptions of processes undertaken, etc. Judges may look at these appendixes if they desire, and entrants can refer judges to information in their appendixes during their presentation. However, entrants should plan to include all information that is critical to an understanding of their project in their primary documentation.

Documentation is not easy to write! If an entrant desires help with writing their documentation, or wants feedback on documentation already written, please e-mail the current queen’s champion, Mistress Elysabeth Underhill (Lissa) at, no later than 3 weeks before the competition date, and she will try to find a volunteer to assist you. If you are interested in assisting with providing documentation feedback to entrants prior to the competition, please e-mail Lissa as well.

King’s and Queen’s A & S champions 2015

The 2015 Kings and Queens Arts and Science Championship will take place on March 7  Saturday March 7th in the Barony of L’lle du Dragon Dormant (Montreal). Please see the Kingdom Announcement for Event details.

The championship will be judged as a body of work. Entrants shall enter a minimum of two items with a maximum of five. No item should have won a previous King’s or Queen’s Championship. Each item should have been made within three years of the competition. The items can be from a single discipline or from multiple disciplines. The winner of the competition is the Queen’s Champion of Arts and Science. The King determines the Kings Champion of Arts and Science. Please see the complete announcement here:

King and Queen A and S Championship Announcement

Competition Registration Information
Please email the Registration form or the information to Master Luke Knowlton at with the subject line A&S CHAMPIONS REGISTRATION

Entrants MUST register in by February 1st, 2015 in order to coordinate judges.
East Kingdom Arts and Science Competition Registration

Research Papers and other Written Entries to be received no later than February 1st, 2015.Please email the entries with the subject line A&S CHAMPIONS WRITTEN ENTRY to both:

  • Mistress Rainillt de Bello Marisco at
  • Master Luke Knowlton at

Judging: Those interested in Judging please contact Master Luke Knowlton at the email above with the subject line A & S CHAMPIONSHIP JUDGING

Cooking Access: For entrants requiring cooking / kitchen access: it will be limited, but available. Please contact Cellach Donn Mhican Mhadaigh, Phone: 450-667-1292 for further information and to have a spot reserved.

Incoming Minister of Arts & Sciences change

Greetings and Happy Friday!

Their Majesties has chosen my successors: it is Lady Gabriella de Bas Serra

The transition will happen at the King’s and Queen’s A&S competition in Dragonship Haven.

Please support her as you have me. It has been a joy to hold this office and interact with passionate and talented people, and I look forward to have a little more time for my own A&S endeavours.

Enjoy your day

Brunissende Dragonette

From the EKU Chancellor

The East Kingdom University (EKU) is looking for someone to work with the university and the kingdom Webminister’s office on a special project. We are looking for someone who is familiar with MySQL and PHP to create forms and reports for a database that the EKU is looking to build.

If you are willing to give some of your time, or if you have more questions about the project, please send the EKU Chancellor an e-mail

Job openings in the Arts & Sciences office

Greetings and salutations from Brunissende Dragonette,

First, the very important note: I will be stepping down at this coming King’s and Queen’s Arts & Sciences Champions (early 2013) and am now calling for applications from people interested in the office.

Please email their majesties and cc me your applications/CV, or contact me if you have any question.

Per EK law: The Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences:

a. Acts as advisor in all matters pertaining to the Arts and Sciences within the Kingdom to The Crow and subjects of the Kingdom, and supports study in those areas.

b. Supervises the Lesser Office of Chancellor of the East Kingdom University.

c. At the request of The Crown, works with the Kingdom Chamberlain to coordinate and supervise the creation of regalia.

The current policies of the office can be found there


Also, the Arts & Sciences office is looking for a dedicated webminister (to maintain/update a wordpress site), and for a deputy who would have an advisory role for groups and event stewards interested in organizing Arts and Sciences competitions and/or displays. If you are interested and/or if you want more information, please contact me at

Upcoming Events for November

Remember to check the events page of the East Kingdom for these incoming November events involving Arts & Sciences:

Out of Kingdom

Central region

Southern region:


King’s and Queen’s A&S Champions

The date and place for the next King’s and Queen’s A&S Champions  is now on the calendar: It will be held in Dragonship Haven on February 16th 2013.

Go check the rules and, even if you’re not interested in entering the competition, there will be a display and a challenge to honor the late Master Alexander Younger.

See you there.