(updated 7/19/16) Preliminary Announcement: King & Queen’s Arts & Sciences Competition Format

Preliminary Competition Guidelines Document

This document  is meant to give artisans advanced knowledge of the format so they can plan their work accordingly. However, please note that this announcement is incomplete, and a more complete and formal announcement, along with details about pre-registration (which will be required of all entries), will be constructed once the event date and site are chosen.

Please note that this is a live document which will be updated from time to time as people ask us questions,  so that we may clarify information and include missing details. Some details may also change between now and when the information is posted formally to the East Kingdom Calendar Page for the event.

-Mistress Elysabeth Underhill (Lissa), Queen’s champion

-Master Magnus Hvalmagi, King’s Champion

If you have questions, please e-mail laralu@gmail.com