3rd Online Display – Morwenna O Hurlihie

Name: Morwenna O Hurlihie

Location: Canton of the Towers, Barony of Carolingia

Wiki: https://wiki.eastkingdom.org/wiki/Morwenna_O_Hurlihie

My true love is spinning and weaving, but I like food, too. I very much enjoy cooking and struggled last year being unable to feed folks at various events. So, I tried to figure out a way to share things from afar. I’m attempting an early Medieval English persona. I dug in to some of the things my persona might eat, and tried to make some with what I had available. I produced some videos to try and share my experiments.

An Early Medieval English Pottage: 
Morwenna’s Melange – Early Medieval English inspired pottage

Morwenna’s Melange – Early Medieval English inspired dairying

Here is a link to my food page with the links to the videos, a few hand outs from classes, and pictures: https://www.zlawson.com/cooking.php

7 thoughts on “3rd Online Display – Morwenna O Hurlihie

    1. I love your video’s! They are educational, inspiring and make what you do feel altogether attainable.
      Thank you so much!

  1. I love cooking videos, and thank you for sharing such clear steps and your thinking.

  2. Wonderful videos! This was really fun to watch. And your ceramic kitchen wares are marvelous.

  3. Very enjoyable videos! I hope you had as much fun making them as I did watching them.

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