Alexander Clarke, Thomas Chaucer Presentation

Name: Alexander Clarke, Esquire

Location: Shire of Hadchester


A presentation on Thomas Chaucer. Son of the famous poet Geoffrey Chaucer.

Full Presentation

3 thoughts on “Alexander Clarke, Thomas Chaucer Presentation

  1. Alexander, I really enjoyed the presention – I found it highly informative, I loved the presentation style and I think you achived something really difficult in your presentation format, which is giving a ton of information without overpacking your slides. I learned a few new facts about Chaucer, I didn’t know anything about the Burghersh, and your dive into his arms was neat. Wonderful presentation.

  2. Thanks for sharing this! It’s really great when we can put together enough information about a specific person to get a feel for their life and how an individual fit in to the more commonly known facts about kings and wars and Great Events.

  3. Thomas Chaucer sounds like a busy guy! I found your whole presentation really interesting, and I learned a lot: I had never heard of that Chaucer before. I only knew of his father. I also appreciated the presentation format — while I enjoy reading (and writing) papers, it’s nice to see a more visual presentation as a change of pace. Thank you for sharing this! Great job!

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