Laurel Community Challenges Overview

About the Challenges

Each Challenge was created around a particular category, idea, or art form (“community”) by a Laurel (“Lead Laurel”). These challenges, we hope, will be easy for most artisans to fulfill between the time the challenges were announced (12/6) and the event date (4/18).

Please register for a challenge if you intend to participate. This will help us schedule the day’s events. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail within a few days, please contact Lady Arabella De Mere.

If you do not register in advance you may still participate in a challenge, if time and space allows. Visit the A&S Table when you arrive at the event to check availability.

Taking Up a Challenge

All challenges were structured to be more (rather than less) inclusive; that is, to be approachable by artisans of any experience level. The Lead Laurel is here to help entrants by providing suggestions, resources, advice, and guidance so that artisans at all levels can find a way to participate. If an artisan would like to participate in the challenge, but is unsure how to frame a project for it, please do contact the lead Laurel.

Please note, in the spirit of inclusivity, if there is a Laurel who wishes to answer a challenge (either in their area of expertise or an art new to them) they are encouraged to do so.

Entrants may attempt to meet more than one challenge. However, there might not be time for them to fully participate in all the related discussion groups, due to scheduling, which will not be decided until closer to the event. We will do what we can to accommodate those registered for more than one challenge.

Offering a Challenge

Other Laurels are invited to contact the lead Laurel of a community to offer an additional or more specific challenges in that art form. After consultation, and at the lead Laurel’s discretion, they will coordinate with the event staff to make sure that the information for the additional challenge gets posted to the event website.

Any Laurels offering challenges are encouraged to bring tokens for people who participate in their challenges, and to join the discussion group for artisans entering that community’s challenges.

At The Event

During the event, time will be set aside for each community to meet (schedule TBD). Each artisan taking up a challenge will be asked to talk about their project to both the Laurel leading their challenge, and to the other artisans in their community. The lead Laurel will offer feedback and facilitate a discussion among entrants about these A&S projects, making sure to foster a supportive learning environment.

Other Laurels or artisans not participating in a challenge are invited to attend to observe a community meeting, and to ask questions or offer gentle and constructive feedback, at the discretion of the lead Laurel.

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