A&S Championship and Display 2022: Agatha the Wanderer

Last fall, a friend gifted me a rommelpot (literally, rumble-pot), also called a friction drum. Rommelpots can be dated back to at least the 16th century (citation). I was excited to have this unusual musical instrument, and was determined to learn a song to play with it. This naturally (for me) led to the need to accurately portray a 16th century peasant while playing the rommelpot. Luckily for me, no musical talent besides rhythm is necessary for playing it. Boy, was I naive!

For this entry, I created a peasant woman’s ensemble from the skin out. The outfit is entirely hand-sewn using period appropriate materials and methods. Included in the outfit is a linen shift, red sleeveless kirtle, black wool partlet, mustard yellow wool pin-on sleeves, a linen apron, and black wool hose. 

I also learned a traditional rommelpot song and performed it (not very well!) in Dutch, and played my rommelpot. 

It was such a fun and challenging project, and it really took me out of my comfort zone!

8 thoughts on “A&S Championship and Display 2022: Agatha the Wanderer

  1. “Skin out” in an accurate manner has always been a goal of mine, so I love to see it done so well. The fact that it was inspired by the instrument is just excellent!

  2. I love this whole outfit and the rommelpot song! I hadn’t heard one played before, so it was fascinating to hear the sound it makes…so cool! The video for the outfit was awesome, too; I love seeing how it all comes together!

  3. Well done with such an immersive project starting simply with a gifted instrument.

  4. This was charming. I have heard rommelpots before, but I never realized they had their own songs!

  5. You did a lovely job. The song, the look, everything together creates a transporting moment.

  6. You look like you jumped right out of a Breughel painting! It’s easy to imagine you there at the peasant’s wedding feast, adding the rummelpot sounds to the general merriment. Thank you for being brave and trying something new – the results are pleasing, indeed.

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