Notes from the A&S Town Hall, Nov. 1, AS LIII

Greetings from Master Philip White, East Kingdom A&S Minister!

Last week we held a web meeting as a way to update the populace on the status of the A&S Office in the East.

Here are some notes from that conversation for those who were not able to attend.


  • Reporting audit and updates – All groups who were at least three quarters behind have been notified of their lack of active officer. Those branches have now all been made current. Reporting continues to regional officers, landed nobles, and local seneschals. We’d like to have an online reporting tool and are working with the Kingdom Webministery for what’s possible with reporting.
  • Crown’s A&S Championships – Set regular and reoccurring competition expectations, advance announcement of requirements, updated rubric, updated entrant and judges expectations, entrant and judges training, and accepting documentation in advance. Also accepting requests for displaying artisans.
  • A&S Consultation Tables – Continuing to schedule and promote these throughout the Kingdom. Will also keep holding them at Pennsic.
  • Coordinating support for Pennsic A&S War Point and assisting the A&S General – Significant change from populace vote to judging by criteria in order to give more balanced results and better feedback and word fame for champion artisans.
  • East Kingdom University – Continued discussions about the future of EKU. Survey responses are varied and do not show a clear direction. The Kingdom Office continues to be open to supporting those willing to serve and/or host an EKU event in different forms. However, in the last few years, local events have filled the space and need for college/university events where A&S classes are offered. The Kingdom Office does not want to conflict with or hurt the success of these events.
  • Promoted communication and transparency – Reporting reminders, emails to officers, publishing in the Pikestaff and Gazette, announcements online, website updates.
  • Continuing the “Ask the Minister of Arts and Sciences” posts
  • A&S administrative classes – Continuing to offer these classes online and at events including subjects such as research, display, entering, judging, and organizing A&S activities.
  • Kingdom A&S Website – Continue to update content and navigation. Added A&S specific calendar. Looking to expand what’s on the calendar.
  • A&S Minister Handbook – Discussed need to update content although the current handbook is functional. Low priority because it has not been a highly requested document.

Follow up items:

  • Publicize the A&S website and its resources.
  • Encourage individuals to teach ongoing classes that build on previous sessions.
  • Check for resources on how to run college/university events for local branches.
  • Encourage local seneschals and landed nobility to spread A&S events throughout the year when possible.

If you have any questions please let me know.

I also announced that I will be stepping down at the end of my term of office in March at Crown’s A&S Championship Competition. This announcement will be made in the Kingdom Newsletter in December and January. If you have questions about the role of Kingdom A&S Officer and in replacing me contact me for details.

Remember… Have fun! Learn! Teach!