East Kingdom University (EKU)

NEW: Please give your feedback on the future of the EKU!

Greetings all from the Kingdom A&S Minister, Master Philip White.

This past East Kingdom Curia, Kingdom law was updated to delete all reference to the East Kingdom University / Royal University.

Going forward, the University will remain as a function of the Kingdom A&S office and will maintained without restrictions previously placed in Kingdom Law.

What will that look like? We don’t know! But! We will find out!

How? By asking lots of questions!

Of who? Everyone.

Why? Because we want EKU to be something that people find valuable and useful.

To help, Lady Serafina Della Torre (Sara Lou Collins) will be working with the A&S Office to solicit opinions from the populace.

What kind of event would people go to? Should it be an event? Should it be in person? Should it be online? Are there people who would run it? Are there people who would support it? Should it be focused? Are there areas that are underserviced?

She’ll be collecting data through March of 2018 from all sorts of individuals and communities.

If you already have comments, let her know! If you’d like to help? Let her know!

We can then take that information and make plans for the next iteration of East Kingdom University.

Remember… Have fun! Learn! Teach!

Your Servant to Command,