A&S Consultation Tables

General Information

The Arts and Sciences Consultation Tables are intended to provide feedback and/or mock scoring to artisans regarding current (or proposed) projects. The consulting judges will also familiarize artisans with the rubric designed for Arts and Sciences competitions not only at the Kingdom level, but also at local Arts and Sciences competitions.  The Arts and Sciences rubric is the basis for mock scoring, which will help artisans understand how judging is performed at competitions. Our goal as consulting judges is to provide guidance which will be useful to those considering entering future competitions, without overwhelming anyone.

What if I’m new to entering Arts & Sciences competitions?
Please come to a table at an event that is hosting the Consultation Table!  We will do our best to answer all questions posed, time and staff depending.

What if I want to help the consulting judges or learn how to judge (by shadowing)?
Please contact Meisterin Agatha Wanderer at moas.consult@eastkingdom.org to discuss helping at this or future events.

For Autocrats/Event Stewards:

Are you interested in hosting a Consultation Table at your event? Please fill out the request form, and our Consultation Tables Coordinator will get back to you regarding details.

Questions? Please contact Meisterin Agatha Wanderer at moas.consult@eastkingdom.org.