Guilds of the East Kingdom

Guilds exist across the East Kingdom and are a wonderful way for people interested in a specific art or science to work together.

Creating a guild is easy: all it takes is for people who want to create one to get together, and start working together. This can happen at events or outside of them, depending on the wishes of the member and the practicality of the craft. A way to communicate quickly is important, and mailing lists are generally the easiest way to achieve it (though most guilds also have a web page and, sometimes, a Facebook page as well). Meetings can be at events or organized outside of them, or both.

There are no set rules as to what the charters and structure of a guild may be.  A guild may petition the Crown to become a Royal Guild, but doesn’t have to!  A Royal Guild has had its charter signed by their Majesties of the East and is required to report (usually quarterly) to the Minister of Arts and Sciences.  But, there are plenty of non-Royal Guilds.

Following is a list of guilds we understand to be currently active. For changes, please contact us!

Royal Guilds:

Non-Royal Guilds: