Research Paper/Project Entries

Research papers/projects will be judged using the Research Rubric. If you wish to enter a research paper/project as part of your A&S entry, please select that option on the entrant registration form. Please note that research may be presented in many different ways; a paper is only one option.

If a paper is entered, the paper should be no longer than 20 pages, not including the title page, table of contents, reference page, and appendixes. All research papers should have an abstract summarizing their contents. Research papers are due in advance, and read by judges before the event.

The deadline for submission research papers is March 2nd. Papers may be e-mailed to

You should receive a confirmation e-mail within 48 hours of sending in your paper. If you do not, please e-mail first the deputy and then the Kingdom A&S Minister. Please don’t assume we have your paper without confirmation.

Entrants submitting research papers will have the chance to talk to a judge who has read your paper at the event. Entrants writing research papers will also be expected bring a copy of the paper to display at the event.

If your research paper is one of several items being displayed, please think about how your paper might be integrated with the rest of your display. If your only entry is a research paper, we encourage you to consider how you might make some of your knowledge accessible to people at the event in a more visual format. Consider, for example, creating a poster that provides highlights about your research. However, please note that additional information presented as a table display on the day of the event may be considered by judges during scoring.

If you would like help thinking this through, please contact the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences, Master Phillip White (