Crown’s Arts & Sciences Champions 2020

About the Competition:

Those considering entering are advised that this is a high level competition where the focus is on picking the kingdom arts and sciences champions. The judging is rigorous, and entrants are expected to be familiar with the kingdom A&S rubric, which will be used to assess entries. The duties of the champions include representing the Crown at events and participating in the Pennsic A&S War Point, and assisting the MoAS office in running next year’s Crown’s A&S.

If anyone is not able to make those commitments, or does not wish to serve as champion, we encourage them instead to sign up to display at the event. Display spaces will be available on a first come first serve basis, and feedback will be available to those displaying if they so wish..

We are asking that entrants review all of the material on this website about the competition. However, a few pieces of information we wish to specifically highlight are listed below.

Important Information

  • Advanced registration will be required for all competitors and display entrants.
  • Advanced submission of documentation will be required of competition entrants due to judging time constraints at the event.
  • To help improve the judging experience, we will be scheduling rubric training sessions at events and online. Individuals wishing to judge will be asked to attend one of these sessions if they have not judged at Crown’s A&S in the past few years. One-on-one sessions can also easily be arranged for those who can not not attend group sessions . Simply contact the Kingdom A&S minister.
  • There will be an opportunity for youth to display their A&S work (more details to come closer to the event date)
  • We are still waiting to find out if Brewing Entries will be welcome at the event site, or if we will have to make other arrangements for these entries. Stay tuned for more information.
  • The max documentation limit has been changed. Documentation should not be over 8 pages in length, not counting appendices/supplementary information.

Important Deadlines

  • Competition Registration Deadline- Feb. 2
  • Documentation & Research Paper Submissions Due- Feb. 16
  • Display Registration Deadline- Feb. 22
  • Event Date- Feb. 29

If you have questions about the competition format, display, judging, or if you would like assistance preparing for the competition, please contact the Kingdom A&S Minister, Mistress Elysabeth Underhill.