Competition Documentation

Please note that entrants are encouraged to use written documentation. Entrants are also welcome and encouraged to document their work in other ways (verbally, poster, video, etc). Written documentation is not expressly required to enter the competition, entrants are responsible for providing the judges with clear and authoritative evidence of their research and processes.

Due to judging time constraints, all written documentation MUST be submitted in advance of the competition. The deadline for submission of documentation is Feb 16. Documentation may be e-mailed to the Kingdom A&S Minister.

Entrants are encouraged to provide a brief (1/3 to 1 page) overview of their entry to be read by those visiting their display. Additional written documentation is highly encouraged of all entries, however, primary documentation should be no longer than 8 pages (not including references, content lists, images, or appendixes). Appendixes may be used to convey supplemental information—things such as images, tables, charts, excerpts from historic texts, detailed descriptions of processes undertaken, etc. Judges will be asked to review these appendices. We recommend that all entrants with written documentation bring at least one copy (preferably 3-4 copies if possible) of their documentation with them to the event to aid in the judging process.

Documentation should be in its final form by the deadline listed above. If additional information or corrections become available after documentation is submitted, entrants may verbally inform their judges during their judging time slot.