Performing Arts Entries

Performing Arts Entries will be judged using the Performing Arts Rubric. If you wish to perform as part of your A&S entry, please select that option on the entrant registration form. Performances must be no longer than 7 minutes, and space will be provided to the best of our ability at the site. Details will be communicated with entrants prior to the competition.

Entrants wishing to enter an original written work or an original composition, are asked to keep their work at or below 20 pages of text (the same as the research paper documentation limit). Just like every other project, the original work should be accompanied by supporting historic documentation. If documentation is provided in print, please do not to exceed the maximum 8 page documentation limit for the competition.

It is advisable for Performing Arts Entrants to submit an audio or visual recording of their performance in advance to the judges, as performing conditions at the event may not be ideal. Entrants can also have a recording and headphones available with their display for the populace to listen to.