What to Expect as a Competitor

A&S competitors will be able to bring their items in for set-up early on the day of the event, time TBD. Entrants should also make sure to sign in at the competitor registration table as soon as possible after they arrive.

The amount of table space available to each entrant will be posted here as soon as it becomes available and an email will be sent to entrants after registration ends confirming details. If your entry requires a large amount of table space, floor space, access to electricity, or any other special requirements not mentioned above, please describe and explain in the competitor registration form. We will be in touch to let you know if your needs can be accommodated, but cannot guarantee that requests will be met due to site and space limitations. Please note that final confirmation of extra table space will only come after the competition registration deadline has passed.

Entrants will be provided with a set time that their judging will take place. At that time entrants must stand with their entries. While waiting to be judged, and after judging, entrants are encouraged to stay by their work and talk to members of the populace about their projects and to share their research and knowledge to the benefit of the society and the kingdom. Entrants are also encouraged to take appropriate breaks and to view the work of other competitors.

To prepare for the event, entrants are encouraged to make sure that they are able to give a brief 3-5 minute verbal overview of their entry. This will help entrants speak to members of the populace, and, many times judges will want to begin by listening to an entrant provide an overview/summary of their project. 

Judges will be asked to give face-to-face feedback to entrants, and entrants are encouraged to take notes and ask questions of their judges after the competition. Rubrics will be given back to entrants after all scores have been tallied.

Judging will be done as a single team, drawing from various areas of expertise, and judging will be conducted face-to-face using the Kingdom judging rubric.  Judges will be asked to spend up to 20 minutes speaking with each entrant, up to 30 minutes discussing and scoring each entry, and then up to 10 minutes providing feedback to entrants. 

Please note that we are committed to being inclusive, and some accommodations can be made to modify face-to-face judging or other elements of the competition based on competitors needs. Please contact the Kingdom MoAS with your questions/concerns.

The top scoring entrants will engage in a second round of mandatory face-to-face judging with the Queen present.  More information about what will be expected of entrants during this round of judging will be provided as it is made available. In the past, entrants have typically been asked to provide an overview of their project and discuss why they wish to become champion. Once the Queen interviews top entrants and reviews their entries, she, advised by the current champions and her heirs, will then determine the new champions.

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