Competition Format

This year’s A&S Championships will be held partially online via webpages for entrants/displayers and videocalls for judging, with finals taking place in-person at The Barony of l’ile du Dragon Dormant on March 4th (with the option for remote if a finalist cannot attend). There will also be in-person display space at the event for both competitors and displayers.

We will be working with members of the community to allow Brewing, Cooking, and Performance entries. We know this format is not ideal for all entrants, so for anyone not comfortable with online judging (or who simply is not interested in competing) we will have our Display entrants interspersed with Competitors online with no distinctions in how they are listed, so we highly encourage anyone interested in sharing their art to participate in some way.

Competitors will be asked to submit by email:

  • Documentation – traditionally written, but also can be recorded and/or presented verbally, for more information on page/timelimits, see our page on Documentation. Accommodations and support can be provided as needed for alternatives, please contact us with any questions. Written documentation (other than research papers which have a 20 page limit) should be no longer than 8 pages (not including references, content lists, images, or appendixes).
  • Photos – high-resolution photos are required for physical items created being judged with the general rubric – the MOAS office will be hosting guides on taking and sharing effective photos in upcoming months.
  • A short (1-3 paragraph) summary of your entry to be used on your entrant page (can simply be the introduction from your formal documentation).
  • Optional, Video – for your online display page consider recording a short (2-5 minute) video of you describing your item – this is equivalent to what you might tell a person visiting your entry. The MOAS office will be providing assistance in creating these for those who require it.

Displayers are invited to submit the same as above, though documentation is optional.

Registration for both competitors and displayers is due January 22nd by 11:59pm. Documentation, photos, videos, and summary are due February 8th by 11:59pm and cannot be extended, so please consider registering and submitting your documentation in advance.

If you have any concerns regarding your ability to participate for any reason please email – we are committed to making this as accessible as possible and there will be a variety of options and accommodations available for different needs.

Online Format:

We will provide a web page for each entrant, both for competitors and displayers, similar to our online A&S displays we have hosted (seen here). Members of the populace will be encouraged to leave comments (moderated by MOAS staff) as tokens and will be able to view the pages and connect with the artisans. Additionally, the MOAS office will assist artisans who are interested in recording short presentations on their topic to share their voice and knowledge in multiple formats for all to view. First round of judging for competitors will be done via videocalls (accommodations can be made for those needing alternative technology) during the week before the event.

In-Person Format:

Space will be allotted and determined once more details are confirmed, but will be available to both competitors and displayers.


Entrants may enter a research project, performance, or single substantial completed item or a body of work consisting of related items that are connected to each other in a significant and meaningful way, whose methods, materials, and social significance can be dated to before 1600. (Please note that this does not mean that slightly post-1600 material is unacceptable, but it does mean that you must connect post-1600 material to pre-1600 reality.) A body of work will be judged as a single “item”; individual entries will not be scored. Items can be from a single discipline or from multiple disciplines. In either case, entries should seek tell a coherent and cohesive story about a historic people, time, place, etc.

Projects to be judged should have been completed within four years of the competition. Entries may have been entered into (and even won) local/regional A&S competitions. If a project has been entered in a previous year’s East Kingdom A&S Championship it must have substantial revision and new material to be submitted again.

If any entrant has an idea they are not sure will fit the competition format, PLEASE email the Kingdom MOAS, Mistress Elena Hylton ( and she will be most happy to chat with you on a case by case basis to try and discover the best way to present your work.

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