Competitor Registration

Registration is now closed, if you are interested in participating please consider being a judge/shadow judge

All entrants will be required to register for the competition, with a hard deadline of December 13th to allow time for the website to be created for all entrants. Registration opens November 13th and will be available at this link by that date.

Late registrations will not be accepted. If entrants have questions about the form, or discover that they need to drop out of the competition after registering, please email the Deputy Kingdom MOAS, Mistress Elena Hylton (

You should receive a confirmation e-mail within 48 hours of registering. If you do not, please send a follow up email to the address listed above, and then e-mail the Kingdom A&S Minister if needed. Please don’t assume you are registered without confirmation. Entrants will also be asked to agree to a set of guidelines for the competition at the time of registering.

Note: As the duties of champion require considerable e-mail/social media contact with various members of the MOAS office and general populace, individuals cannot enter the competition until they are age 18 to ensure there are no concerns regarding unsupervised contact between minors and adults. However, we strongly encourage older teens to enter the adult A&S display.

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