Judge Registration

Judge Registration Form (NEW!) -includes registration for Shadow Judging

For this competition to be successful, we need many people to volunteer their time to judge! If you are interested in judging, please complete the judging registration form which will be posted here started November 13th. Anyone who is reasonably experienced with their field and/or with the Crown’s judging rubric may be qualified to judge. We welcome as many knowledgeable judges as possible.

Please note that all judges will be asked to read entrant documentation in advance of the competition.*

*Note- judges are asked to keep entrants documentation confidential, and not to directly share it with others not judging or running the competition.

Opportunities to receive more in depth training on how to use the Kingdom A&S rubric will be available at events and through online webinars. These sessions are required for individuals who have not judged in the past several years, though one-on-one help is available, please email the Deputy Kingdom MOAS, Mistress Elena Hylton (moas.deputy@eastkingdom.org). Please keep your eye open for more information.

In addition, we are offering individuals who would like to learn more about judging the opportunity to “shadow” a judging team during the Crown’s A&S competition. If you’re interested in this option, please fill out the judging registration form and indicate that you would like to shadow judge on the form.

Note: judges will also be asked to agree to a set of guidelines for the competition at the time of registering.

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