Guidelines for Online Display Entries

Please observe the following guidelines when submitting your work for on online display. Online display submissions should be directed to our online display deputy, Richard Heyworth, at You will need to submit: Display Information - Details of your entry to be shared on your entrant page (can be short or long). Must be in... Continue Reading →

Documentation: Why Bother?  (part 5)

Part 5: Documentation as Courage This will be the last post in our series on the Virtues of documentation.  Throughout this series of posts we’ve used the virtues associated with the peerage orders of the SCA as a lens to look at documentation.  The last virtue we’ll discuss is courage.   As one of the main... Continue Reading →

Documentation: Why Bother?  (part 4)

Part 4: Documentation as Perseverence  Continuing our series looking at documentation in the Arts & Sciences through the lens of the virtues exemplified by our Society’s peerage orders, we will look now at one of the less commonly discussed virtues: perseverance. In our Society, we’ve come to associate perseverance with the Order of Defence.  The... Continue Reading →

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