Teaching & Learning

***Volunteer to teach a virtual class for the EK MoAS Office***

Who Can Teach?

Anyone can teach in the SCA Our organization’s success depends on people’s willingness to learn and then share their knowledge as teachers. The more we encourage people to teach, the stronger we become as a whole. You’re not required to be in the SCA for a certain amount of time. You’re not required to have certain awards. You’re not required to hold modern degrees or experience. You’re not required to be a certain age. You’re not required to have prior teaching experience. You just need to have a willingness to share.

If you have an East Kingdom Wiki page, you can signify your willingness to teach a topic by adding the “teaching” category to your page. We hope that as artisans add this tag to their profile, that this will be a tool to help MoAS offices and class coordinators find teachers. By placing this tag on your wiki, you are indicating that you are willing to be asked to teach. This tag does not mean that you have to agree to every request, just that you are open to and excited about the idea of teaching a group of interested artisans.  

Read more about Teaching in the SCA.

Upcoming MoAS Sponsored Classes: Please see virtual calendar for upcoming classes, roundtables, and related events!

Getting Feedback on Your Work: The EK Arts and Sciences Consultation Tables are provided to allow everyone the opportunity to meet with experienced artisans to discuss A&S within the SCA. The weblink above has more information about the tables and details on when and where Consultation Tables will take place in the future

Articles for Teachers and Learners

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