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Getting Feedback on Your Work: The East Kingdom Arts & Science Consultation Service is provided to allow everyone the opportunity to meet with experienced artisans to discuss A&S within the SCA. The weblink above has more information about the tables and details on when and where Consultation Tables will take place in the future.

Community Support Resources: Below are links to several resources that we hope will help you as you seek to connect with other artisans in the East Kingdom and share your with our Kingdom, and beyond.

  • EK Guilds: Guilds exist across the East Kingdom and are a wonderful way for people interested in a specific art or science to work together.
  • East Kingdom Wiki: The EK Wiki is a place to collect information about the kingdom, its customs, and its people. Posting information about your A&S work on the wiki is a great way to help people learn more about you and how you are progressing in your art. Note: you can add categories to your wiki page to link you with other artisans who are pursuing the same craft.See theList of Categories, and find out how to edit your wiki to include them.
  • The East Kingdom Discord server has both a general A&S channel as well as channels targeted at specific disciplines, such as garb.
  • EK A&S Community page on Facebook: Unofficial page dedicated to postings and discussion about Arts and Sciences in the East Kingdom.
    • There is also a Society wide Facebook A&S page, and a multitude of special interest discussion groups, that you can search for by topic. A few other general A&S-related Facebook groups that may be useful include:
    • SCA Library of Alexandria: “This list is a place for Interdisciplinary A&S discussions, based on the concept of courteous and congenial conversation….Topics should stick to those covered by the SCA period. Citations are encouraged.”
    • Ask the SCA Laurels Anything: “In this forum, you may ask the Laurels of the SCA any question you might ask in good faith, and we will attempt to answer in good faith.”
  • East Kingdom Gazette research articles: The East Kingdom is rich in artisans and scientists, and the East Kingdom Gazette provides a platform for their written work to be shared by publishing Arts & Sciences Research Papers.  Please see the updated Call for Papers for more information about having your work included in the Gazette
  • The SCA publishes two Arts and Sciences focused periodicals, Tournaments Illuminated and the Complete Anachronist. Members may purchase subscriptions to these publications, and the article articles and information included in them is produced by and for members of the SCA.
  • SCA Artisan List: This database, organized by kingdom, allows artisans to list themselves, their areas of study, awards, apprentice/student relationships, etc.

Articles for Artisans

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