A Short Treatise on Process

"Process — having a goal, stating a plan of action, charting the steps, acquiring knowledge and resources for each step, and keeping a record as you execute each step.... I take the most pleasure in the A&S process itself and I am writing this treatise in an attempt to seduce you into this calling"

A&S Competitions – Are They For You?

By: THL Amalie von Hohensee The subject of competitions is a hot topic in the A&S world, and the range of personal experiences and emotional responses is vastly varied. Some artisans have been challenged and encouraged by their participation, others have been frustrated or even devastated by their experience. I want to begin my discussion... Continue Reading →

On feeling alone in your field of study

Question for the MoAS Office: “There’s no one that does what I do. Why should I even bother?” Have you heard a friend say something like this? Maybe you’ve even said it yourself? “I don’t have fun with A&S activities because no one does what I do.” Guess what. I’ve said this myself, too. And... Continue Reading →

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