A&S Consultation Tables & Virtual Consultations

The EK Arts and Sciences Consultation service is provided to allow everyone the opportunity to meet with experienced artisans to discuss A&S within the SCA.  It is designed to help artists of the Society further their own journey on their chosen A&S path, discussing and getting advice on project scope, documentation, research, and potential pitfalls of present... Continue Reading →

Presentation and Display Best practices for presenting Arts and Sciences displays or competition.

Master Philip White (Craig Shupee) moas@eastkingdom.org Raziya bint Rusa (Elizabeth Burdick) lizbird@gmail.com Physical Display Event Particulars • Find out what you can about your space before you get there. Open flame Trash receptacles Electricity • If you need special arrangements, contact an organizer and ask politely. Accommodation due to disability Extra space Electricity Clean area... Continue Reading →

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