The role of research in A&S

A question to the Kingdom A&S Minister, Master Philip White:

“I’m not a maker, I’m a researcher. Does the East Kingdom have an outlet for those who do research but do not make things? Is there a way to share my research with the Kingdom, or enter a research paper into a competition?”

A reply from the Minister:


I know. I know. It is gauche to use all caps when typing. (Unless it is Thursday, or so I understand!) I’m just really excited. My apologies!

Still. Why my excitement?

Because I love research. Many of us love research. Even those of us who make things. Or who perform things. Because the research part helps us all be better at the things we love to do.

So, while you’re not making anything physical, you are making the knowledge part possible. You’re learning. And you’re helping the rest of us to learn too. And that’s super important to the success of our organization.

So, yes!

We want research, in all possible forms, happening. It is encouraged!

So lets look at possible outlets. Here’s just a few!

Crown’s A&S Championship Competition:

That’s right! Research papers and projects are VERY welcome at the Kingdom’s top A&S competition. In fact, our current Kingdom artisans both were selected off of research projects. Here’s a link with more information:

Other A&S competitions:

Many of our local and regional competitions welcome research entries. Some may not state it directly, so, just ask! They may be able to accommodate your entry.

We also make the Kingdom Research Rubric available for these events. So it may be entered in a format that you are used to.

A&S Display Opportunities:

Please consider A&S displays too! Not everything is a competition. Sometimes events set up space for people to share their work too. Your reseach is work! Think about sharing it!

SCA Demonstrations:

This is basically an A&S display opportunity. Just to the public! Bring out your research and have some great conversations with people. And maybe bring in new members at the same time!

The East Kingdom Gazette:

Reach out to the Curator of Feature Articles. They may be interested in working with you to publish your research!
About The Gazette

Maybe your local branch has an active newsletter. They could want content. Publish there!

Or maybe you could publish for the SCA.

Tournaments Illuminated
The Compleat Anachronist

There may also be some subject specific SCA newsletters. Check and see if there is another place your work could be wanted.


Classes are not always about making a thing. Or learning how to perform a thing. Sometimes they are simply set up for learning. People might use the hour with a set of PowerPoint slides or a handout and give a lecture class. Just like you might see at a modern university.

At a local event you might not get many attendees. But even a few people could be fun to share and talk with while you cover your information. Wars and Society events might be suited well for more in-depth classes.

Personal Blogs / Social Media:

Self publish! House everything you are working on at your own blog. And then share that blog with others. Put your links to the Kingdom social media pages.

Or, skip the blog, and share your work directly through social media posts. I’ve seen a number of people successfully engage others through their research work with these posts.

Now, before you head out there, a note about communicating your research.

Know your audience.

Are you writing a research paper?

That might be best for something like the East Kingdom Gazette or Crown’s A&S Championship. That’s where you will find readers.

But, attendees at a display or a demo? Or people walking by your competition piece? They will not have time to read a whole paper.

For them, you may want to have a shorter synopsis of your work that you can share with them. Maybe samples, examples, pictures, notes, and the like. Things that are engaging and help you have a conversation and teach people. That’s great. Then you could follow up with the research paper later at another date.

That said?

I’m sure there are other ways to share your research. This is just a start. And by no means an end. I only answered ways that we share research within the SCA. Some of our members publish or teach modernly and well!

Is there a way you liked to share your research? Please share here!

Is there a format of sharing research from others that really worked well for you? Please share that here too!

Remember… Have fun! Learn! Teach!

Your Servant to Command,

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