Stoneware Pottery

Lady Signy Otr, Barony of Carolingia This is stoneware pottery, which basically means that it's been fired at a very high temp, which in turn makes it very durable.

Twist-patterned Tablet Woven Belt

Lady Arabella De Mere, Incipient Shire of Old Stonebridges EK Wiki: This past Pennsic I had a discussion with my Laurel about our student-Laurel relationship.  She asked if I would like to change from being her student to her apprentice, and I was overjoyed and said YES!   Being a tablet weaver, was tasked to... Continue Reading →

Pattern Darned Drawstring Bag

Richard Heyworth, Barony of Carolingia This bag is a small drawstring bag embroidered with pattern darning. The two patterns on this piece are taken from extant Mamluk Egyptian works at the Asmolean Museum in Oxford, England ( and (, both from between the 13th and 16th century CE. I've used black on white evenweave linen... Continue Reading →

Book of Kells Scroll

Lily Morgaine of The East, Barony of An Dubhaigeainn Scroll made for Silver Tyger backlogged award.  Based on the Book of Kells.  This exemplar was chosen since the scroll recipient had an 8th century Pictish persona and Kells was of a similar time and place.  I chose to put his personal symbol, the boar, at... Continue Reading →

Pelican Vigil Book

Isabel del Okes, Barony of Carolingia  EK wiki page: I was asked to make a vigil book for Caelia's elevation to the Order of the Pelican.  The pelican in her piety is the symbol of the Order and of all the order symbols, it is the most detailed, with lines and divots all through... Continue Reading →

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