Winter 2023 Online Arts and Sciences Display

I am excited to announce the East Kingdom Winter 2023 Online Arts and Sciences Display!

From now on, we plan to have two online displays each year: one in the winter on December 1 (with entries due no later than November 15), and one in the summer on July 1 (with entries due no later than June 15). This is our first Winter Display!

What Should I Display?
Anything! This is a chance for artisans of the East to show off their creations. Want feedback on a project before you compete with it? Display it! Want to show off a project you have no intention of competing with? Display it! Have a project that you think will inspire people? Display! Have a work-in-progress that you’re excited about and just want to share your energy about? Display!

I highly encourage everyone to display whatever they have. Even if you’ve displayed it in person. Even if you’ve displayed it in person twelve times. Even if it isn’t finished. Online displays inspire. They provide quick “look at this!” links to new people thinking about joining and wondering what there is to see and do. They get you recognized for the hard work you’re doing.

Ok, I’m In. What are the Details?

All display items are due no later than November 15, 2023. Send an email to (that’s me!) with the items you’d like to display.

What Do You Want in the Email?
Here’s my perfect display submission.

  • Name: Your Name
  • Item: The Thing You’re Displaying
  • East Kingdom Wiki Link: If you have one
  • Category: A broad category. I don’t have a list yet. Just pick what you think makes sense. It’ll help me make that list.
  • Write-Up: 2-3 Paragraphs introducing your piece
  • Cover Picture: A picture to go with your piece. If it’s a physical item, take a picture of the item. If it’s a research paper or something less tangible, provide a picture that you think would look good as a cover photo for your project.
  • Optional Additional Links: for additional pictures, documentation beyond 2-3 paragraphs, etc, if possible, I’d prefer you provide me with links. If you cannot or do not know how to do this, then please, send me the items attached to the email, and I will make it happen, but it saves me a lot of time if you do so for me

What If I Have More Questions?
Direct those to

I’m so excited to see all the amazing works you’ve been working on this year (and in previous years; again, display display display!). Thank you in advance for making this winter display a success!

Richard Heyworth
Deputy A&S Minister for Online Display

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