List of Laurels’ Challenges for Bloodfeud in the Danelaw

The MoAS is pleased to present ten Laurels’ challenges as a part of Bloodfeud in the Danelaw! Participants may choose to enter as many challenges as they choose, although please keep in mind that physical space at the live event is limited. The goal of these challenges is to begin conversations between artisans and the laurel community to help build community and relationships. This is NOT a competition, and all levels of artisans are welcome to participate!

Each laurel has defined the terms of their challenge, so please read them carefully. If you have questions regarding a challenge, please contact the laurel directly if their contact information has been listed; otherwise, please contact the kingdom minister of A&S at

Please note that some challenges are in person only, some are online only, and some are available both in person and online. Participants attending the live event are welcome to display their art and/or challenges virtually as well. Artisans displaying online should submit their entries following our online display guidelines to our display deputy, Richard Heyworth, via email at no later than September 15 (early submissions are always welcome!).

For in person challenges, participants will meet with the laurel issuing the challenge live at the event. For online challenges, participants will arrange a time to meet with the laurel issuing the challenge virtually after the online display goes live, which will likely be during the last week of September.

The A&S display and laurels’ challenge at the live event will take place on Saturday, September 30, from 11-3 pm in the feast hall.

Important dates:

Registration deadline for online displays/challenges: September 10 at 11:59 pm

Online submissions due: September 17 at 11:59 pm

Registration deadline for live displays/challenges: September 15 at 11:59 pm

To register for a laurels’ challenge or an A&S display, please visit:

As always, if you have any questions or concerns regarding these challenges, please contact the kingdom minister of A&S at

List of Challenges

Online only:

HERstory, Lissa Underhill

Research and present information about women or gender minorities in the time period and geographical area related to this event’s theme. Research can be presented in any medium desired, from power-point, to written paper, from TikTok video to interpretive dance. The focus is on teaching me and others who are viewing your work something new and interesting about the past. Since Lissa is a librarian, research help is available! Just ask. Lissa loves research

Make it with Fire! Lissa Underhill

This challenge is asking artisans to recreate a historic item or make a historically plausible item using fire. The item should be connected to the theme of the event in some way. The fire/heat source can be modern, though period methods are always encouraged. This challenge covers many different possible arts, such as (but not limited to) glass bead making, pottery, metalwork, and cooking/brewing. Documentation is great. Lissa loves documentation and Lissa would love to help you with your documentation and/or research. Lissa loves research too. BUT there are no documentation “requirements” for this challenge other than some evidence (a photo or description from a source) showing that this item, or something similar to it, existed historically.

Naalbinding Challenge, Abu-Darzin Ibrahim al-Rashid

Nalbinding had many uses in the Viking age.  From practical means to keep hands and feet warm, to functional farm tools, to purely decorative applications.  Show me something that you’ve nalbound. 

Contact Abu-Darzin at with questions.

Following Threads, Tiffan Fairamay

Please teach us something about Viking age textile production. Make a tool, weave or spin, work with period dyestuffs, research the social significance of these crafts, sheep breeds, or animal husbandry… explore or practice any facet of early Norse fiber arts and share the fruits of your studies. Please note, this challenge is now online only.

In person only

A Viking-Age Brew, Marieke van de Dal

The objective is to brew a tasty early-period mead or beer, in as authentic a manner as you can, with plausible early-period ingredients. It should be young – preferably less than 6 weeks old.

That’s all you need to do to enter this challenge, but here are some suggestions to guide you to a higher level. For your yeast, try harvesting wild yeast or using foam/sediment from a previous batch. For process, see if you can avoid using glass, plastic or stainless steel in the making and storing of the beverage. For presentation, think about how the beverage would be served in a Viking longhouse.

Written documentation is welcome but not required. Be prepared to talk about the reasoning behind your recipe and process, and whether you would do anything differently next time.

A Viking Trim, Marieke van de Dal

The objective is to produce at least 12 inches of a woven band in a style that’s suitable to trim a Viking-Age garment.

That’s all that’s required, but if you want to up your game, consider these suggestions. Weave with wool, silk, or linen for greater authenticity. Try a new weaving set-up: if you usually use an inkle loom, for example, try a backstrap or warp-weighted set-up. Explore a technique that’s new to you: brocading, twill, double-faced, or a more complex turning pattern. 

Written documentation is welcome but not required. Be prepared to discuss the reasoning behind your choices, and any difficulties you faced or overcame.

Viking Tableware Challenge, Ysemay Sterlyng

Create a piece of tableware (pottery, wood, horn, metal, etc.) that might have been used between 800 and 1050. Please be prepared to present and discuss the historic evidence for your piece.

Online and in person

From Raw to Done: A Makers Journey into the Unexpected, Roibeard mac Neill mhic Ghille Eoin

Our Art is our lifeblood and imbuing ourselves with it is a great part of who we are. Oftentimes we find ourselves doing what we love to such an extent that we begin to plateau in our growth…which can then snowball into our art no longer fulfilling us and our needs. 

As a firm believer in expansion of personal artistic growth, doing something that is WAY outside of your comfort zone can reawaken the great love of your artistic lives.

My Challenge, for those who desire to undertake it, is to leave your artistic comfort zone and do something totally different…however there is a catch! I challenge you to do something from barest beginnings, raw material, etc, and take it to completion. Pick a project, enter the rabbit hole, and dive deep! For instance, if you are a scribal artist you can enter metalworking and make something from scratch…from raw material, to ingot, to completion. The process of learning is more important so think of it as a journey or rediscovery and, above all, have fun!

Questions? Contact me, Roibeard mac Neill, at

Ancient Music, Aífe ingen Chonchobhair in Derthaige 

What might Norse or other pre-900CE music have sounded like? Perform a piece based on your research & then tell me about the choices you made. While ancient instruments are strongly encouraged, use what you can to show off your work. 

Bring me (fictional) heads! Aífe ingen Chonchobhair in Derthaige

Tell me an Early Northern European story of battle or revenge in all of its bloodiness (or write one in that style) Tear Grendel’s arm off. Pull out the guts. Cut off the heads. If you compose a new tale, I’d love to hear about what inspired you. 

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