Bloodfeud in the Danelaw Challenge: 2023

This year, for Bloodfeud in the Danelaw, we had a series of Laurels’ challenges. You can view the challenges here, and the amazing displays below. Thank you to all of our skilled artisans!


Marcella Falquez – Less than Peaceweavers: Viking and Saxon Women and Bloodfeuds

Make it with FIRE

Eadric de Coldwood – Viking age Pottery – c. 900

From Raw to Done: A Makers Journey into the Unexpected

Katrein Topffer – The Landing of the Danes

Following Threads

Lydia of Brus – Lichen Dyed Brat: Textiles in the Oseberg Ship


Sulicena Vassura – Learning New Things Keeps Me Warm

Hanya Vladimirovna Polotskaya – Nalbound Hose

Misc Display

Amalie von Hohensee – Tablet Weaving

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