Assistance for Planning Your Entry

A&S competitions can be a challenge. The Ministry of Arts & Sciences wants potential entrants to know that help is available to them:

  • If you have questions about a potential project or entry, please email the Deputy Kingdom MOAS ( She is happy to help you think through your project and discuss how to best to frame it for this specific competition.
  • We have Rubric Help Documents that talk specifically about how to work with each rubric.
  • The Ministry has assembled additional guides that we hope may assist with documentation, research, and display creation, as well as a series of blog posts about competition.
  • Artisans can receive advice about their projects throughout the year by attending a virtual Kingdom Consultation Table.
  • The Ministry will also be holding workshops online about the kingdom rubrics, writing documentation, and conducting research.
  • The East Kingdom YouTube Channel has a playlist of video classes designed to help those who are interested in entering or displaying.

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