East Kingdom Guilds

Guilds exist across the East Kingdom and are a wonderful way for people interested in a specific art or science to work together.

While there are many guilds throughout the kingdom that operate on a local or regional level, listed below are the currently active kingdom-wide Royal Guilds. These guilds operate independently from the Kingdom MoAS office, but they have the support of the ministry and the Crown.

Note: Any local/regional guild may petition the Crown to become a Royal Guild. A Royal Guild has had its charter signed by their Majesties of the East and is required to report bi-annually to the Minister of Arts and Sciences. Royal guilds are also entitled to website and e-mail support services from the Kingdom Webministry. There are no set rules as to what the charters and structure of a guild may be, but their Majesties or the MoAS may have advice and suggestions for you based on best practices.  If you have questions about this process, email moas@eastkingdom.org

For a complete list of the requirements for guild charters, please see EK law, Section X “Rights of Subjects,” Part B.

We also encourage all guilds to create a presence and to update their information on the East Kingdom Wiki using the Guild Template.

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