Virtual MoAS Classes

The MoAS office is excited to support artisans interested in expanding the reach of their classes to a wider kingdom audience by hosting occational online classes through our office.

Members of the kingdom populace who wish to teach an online A&S class using kingdom resources are asked to contact the MoAS education deputy for assistance.

The MoAS office facilitates online classes in several ways:

  • Coordinating between instructors and the webministry to prevent scheduling conflicts
  • Creating online meeting links for classes
  • Helping with advertising the class to the EK community
  • Monitoring the class to handle technology questions and concerns
  • Reviewing mandatory SCA policies with class attendees
  • Recording the class (if desired by the instructor)
  • Arranging for the class recordings to be uploaded to the EK YouTube channel. Note: Only classes taught through the MoAS Office (or another kingdom office) will be uploaded to the Kingdom YouTube channel)

When we have volunteers interested in teaching, classes will “typically” be scheduled mid-week during the evening, or possibly Sunday during the day.

If you have questions about how to adapt a class to teach it in an online setting, please contact the MoAS education deputy for advice. We are also working to develop resources to help instructors who are new to teaching, or just new to teaching in an online format.

Classes on all A&S related topics are encouraged as long as they fit within the general mission of the SCA. Want ideas about what to teach? Some class topics that have been recently requested are listed below.

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