Youth A&S Display Registration

Registration is now closed

Youth A&S Display entries will be showcased with the other displayers and competitors, so that all can see the wonderful art of our Eastern youth. Visitors to entrant’s pages will be able to leave comments (moderated by the MOAS office) as a toke.

Anyone under the age of 18 is welcome to participate. The only difference between youth entrants and adult is that if youth entrants use their personal email (rather than a parent/guardian signing up with their own) a parent/guardian must agree to be cced on communication, and youth entrants have additional support from our Youth Display Coordinator, Baroness Maria von Ossenheim, reachable at to assist with entries, answer questions, and provide support as needed. Please email her with any questions.

Entries are asked to include at least one photo and a short description of the project, along with anything else they wish to share about how it was made and what they learned! Any project is welcome, including works in progress, older projects – whatever you wish to share!

Optional Mentoring: If a youth is interested in receiving advice/feedback/support for their art our Youth Display Coordinator is happy to arrange it! Please request it on the registration form, or by email to after registering. For teens we can even provide sample rubric scoring with a trained judge if they are interested in having that experience.

Registration opens November 13th on this page, and the deadline for registration is December 13th. Late registrations cannot be accepted due to the time needed to create the online pages for entrants.

As this will be online there will be no limit to the number of entries! However, registering early gives our team more time to create the various web pages needed for each entrant, so please still register as soon as you know you plan to participate.

You should receive a confirmation e-mail within 48 hours of registering. If you do not, please send a follow up email to

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