K&Q Arts & Sciences Champions

The first Arts & Sciences Championship was held on May 25, A.S. 38 by Darius II and Roxane II.

The format of each competition is determined by the previous champions and the Crown. Champions are charged with defending the honor of the Crown, furthering the practice of their art in the kingdom, and serving as members of the royal household.

A listing of current and past champions.

Kings Champion Queens Champion Started
Alexander Younger Caterina Giocchini Feb 11, 2012
Xandra Rozina Xiberras Galea Catheryn Shadwell Feb 12, 2011
Iheronimus Bruckner Alys Attewater Mar 6, 2010
Angus Kerr Alheydis von Riga Mar 28, 2009
Jehannine de Flandres Susanna Lockhart Mar 29, 2008
Tristan de Warrell Renye Wyrm Jan 6, 2007
Alarich Jager von Bremen Nest verch Tangwistel Jan 14, 2006
Geoffrey the Younger Gavan Macbane May 28, 2005
Kayleigh McWhyte Rainnilt Leia de Bello Marisco May 15, 2004
Alianor de Ravenglas Brynn Elionor nic Neachdainn May 15, 2003

Information from EK law, for groups that might be interested in holding the event where the competition is held:

  •        King’s and Queen’s Arts and Sciences Champions Tourney(s) will be held during the Winter Reign. Written bids must be sent by July 1. The Heirs must choose from eligible bids by August 15th. Please review section VIII-A of the Kingdom law for the information relating to the organization of Kingdom events.
  •        The event is sponsored by the current Champions of Arts and Science and the reigning Royalty. Please see King’s and Queen’s Arts & Sciences Championship Guidelines for more information about hosting the event.