A&S Championship and Display 2022: Cathain Reiter

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The German painting Portrait of a Woman, ca 1510-1515 by Bernhard Strigel is currently on display at the Met, in Gallery 626. When I first saw the painting, I catalogued it as something I would love to use for inspiration someday. That day finally came after I was given my writ for the Laurel, and knew I had to make something for the event. I decided to make use of the low bodice style of dress with a fancy embroidered hemd and copy the embroidery pattern that is on the chest. I wanted to add some visual interest to it, and instead of just using one type of thread, I decided to twist silk and metal threads together, to get an interesting result.

For more information see my blog https://sites.google.com/view/hiddenponycrafts/documents/as-papers#h.oj4go3cvwoou

8 thoughts on “A&S Championship and Display 2022: Cathain Reiter

  1. That is utterly beautiful, and as my lady has done smocking I have some knowledge of the effort. Excellent!!

  2. This is so gorgeous! I love the smocking — and that mixture of the silk and metal pops beautifully! I don’t know much about 16th-century German, so it was a pleasure to read through your documentation and find out more…thank you!

  3. I really like the inspiration for this project (and the finished product).

  4. Such beautiful and inspiring work, resulting in such a gorgeous garment!

  5. You did a beautiful job. I love watching your smocking technique evolve as you have worked through each piece.

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