A&S Championship and Display 2022: Nuno Cabral do Mar

When most people start in the SCA they go out and get a tunic or maybe a periodish shirt and a pair of tights…and invariably sneakers or a pair of plain brown leather shoes. After this they may find some outfits closer to period, a hat and some accessories, but still the modern shoes remain. This is most likely due in part to modern shoes being comfortable, but mostly it’s because shoes are hard to make for people so inclined and therefore expensive for those not interested in making them. If this is true for the modern Scadian, was it true for our ancestors? The answer is, well not always. It “turns out” that when carefully constructed sturdy shoes were out of reach medieval peoples often knew that something was better than nothing. This brings us to what that something was…in this case, untanned hide shoes from Ireland.

Full Documentation

4 thoughts on “A&S Championship and Display 2022: Nuno Cabral do Mar

  1. This is such a cool project! It’s so interesting that they have to stay wet, but it makes sense. I loved reading your documentation — and I’m glad that basement wasn’t as dangerous as it seemed!

  2. Okay…the story of you procuring the hide is just amusing.
    That said, your entire process from treating the hide through making the shoes is excellent. As you said, shoes often are overlooked in our presentation so I love that you pursued this.

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