Crown’s Arts & Sciences Champions

The first Arts & Sciences Championship was held on May 25, A.S. 38 by Darius II and Roxane II.

The format of each competition is determined by the previous champions and the Crown. Champions are charged with defending the honor of the Crown, furthering the practice of their art in the kingdom, and serving as members of the royal household.

The winner of the competition is the Consort’s Champion. The Sovereign’s Champion is chosen by the reigning King of the East Kingdom.

A listing of current and past champions:

Consort’s ChampionSovereign’s ChampionStarted
Ástríðr MusiÞórfinnr HróðgeirssonMarch 30, 2019
Doroga VoroninElena HyltonFebruary 12, 2018
Sofya Gianetta di TriesteRaziya bint RusaFebruary 11, 2017
Elysabeth UnderhillMagnus HvalmagiFebruary 6, 2016
Agatha WandererNaomi bat IbrahimMarch 7, 2015
Rainillt de Bello MariscoLuke KnowltonFeb 22, 2014
Ose SilverhairSolskinnFeb 16, 2013
Caterina GiocchiniAlexander YoungerFeb 11, 2012
Catheryn ShadwellXandra Rozina Xiberras GaleaFeb 12, 2011
Alys AttewaterIheronimus BrucknerMar 6, 2010
Alheydis von RigaAngus KerrMar 28, 2009
Susanna LockhartJehannine de FlandresMar 29, 2008
Renye WyrmTristan de WarrellJan 6, 2007
Nest verch TangwistelAlarich Jager von BremenJan 14, 2006
Gavan MacbaneGeoffrey the YoungerMay 28, 2005
Rainillt de Bello MariscoKayleigh McWhyteMay 15, 2004