Crown’s A&S Champions 2023

A&S Championships will be held as a hybrid event with in-person activities in The Barony of l’ile du Dragon Dormant on March 4th.

(New) Video Tutorials for Crown’s A&S = General Rubric / Research and Performance Rubric

About the Competition

The 2023 Crown’s A&S Championships will be held in a hybrid format with the first round of judging done remote and the finals done in-person (with remote options possible) in The Barony of l’ile du Dragon Dormant on March 4th. While running this partially online will present some challenges, it also creates many opportunities with more time to view entries, discuss with entrants, and participate, and our staff will be assisting every step of the way to ensure broad access.

The online display will provide a web page to host entries by each entrant, both for competitors and displayers, similar to our online A&S displays we have hosted. Members of the populace are encouraged to leave comments as tokens and will be able to view the pages and connect with the artisans.

Additionally, we will assist artisans who are interested in recording short presentations on their topic to share their voice and knowledge in multiple formats for all to view. Preliminary judging will be done via videocalls (accommodations can be made for those needing alternative technology) during the weeks prior to the event.

If you have any concerns regarding your ability to participate please email the Kingdom MOAS, Mistress Elena Hylton ( – we are committed to making this as accessible as possible and there will be a variety of options and accommodations available. See On Accessibility for more information. French and other non-English documentation is welcomed and we can connect artisans with translators, and we may be able to arrange judging in alternate languages – please email our office as soon as you register if you will need any assistance or accommodations regarding language.

Those considering entering are advised that this is a high-level competition where the focus is on picking the kingdom arts and sciences champions. The judging is rigorous, and entrants are expected to be familiar with the kingdom A&S rubrics, which will be used to assess entries. The duties of the champions include representing the Crown at events, participating in the Pennsic A&S War Point, and assisting the MoAS office in running next year’s Crown’s A&S.

If anyone is not able to make those commitments, does not wish to serve as champion, or does not enjoy competition, we highly encourage them instead to sign up to display at the event. Display entrants will be showcased along with competitors, and feedback will be available to those displaying if they so wish.

We are asking that entrants review all of the material on this website about the competition. However, a few pieces of information we wish to specifically highlight are listed below.

Registration Pages – NOW OPEN

  • Competitor Registration – December 1st – January 30th (***updated deadline***) by 11:59pm, for people wishing to compete
  • A&S Online Display Registration – December 1st – January 30th (***updated deadline***) by 11:59pm, for people wishing to display but not compete
  • A&S In-Person Display Registration – December 1st – January 30th (***updated deadline***) by 11:59pm, for both displayers and competitors who wish to show their art in-person in addition or instead of online. May extend if space remains available.
  • Youth A&S Online Display Registration – December 1st – January 30th (***updated deadline***) by 11:59pm, for minors wishing to display
  • Judge Registration – December 1st – January 30th (***updated deadline***), may stay longer depending on number of volunteers in needed fields.

Competition Details

Important Information

  • Advanced registration is required for all competitors and display entrants – the deadline for Registration is January 30th (***updated deadline***) by 11:59pm.
  • Advanced submission of documentation will be required of competitors due to the need for it to be uploaded, the deadline for all documentation, photos, and videos will be February 8th by 11:59pm for both competitors and online displayers.
  • To help improve the judging experience, we will be scheduling rubric training sessions online. Individuals wishing to judge will be asked to attend one of these sessions if they have not judged at Crown’s A&S in the past few years. One-on-one sessions can also easily be arranged for those who can not not attend group sessions . Simply contact the Kingdom A&S minister.
  • While there will be challenges, we will be accepting brewing, cooking, and performance entries. We have special liaisons for those fields to assist the artisans and judges with questions about adapting to this hybrid format.

Important Deadlines

  • Competition & Display Registration Deadline – January 30th (***updated deadline***) by 11:59pm.
  • Entry, documentation, photo, and video submissions Due – February 8th by 11:59pm
  • First round of Judging, online – February 11th-17th
  • Finalists announced – Sunday, February 19th
  • Judging with Royals – Saturday, March 4th – in-person with remote options available ahead of time.

If you have questions about the competition format, display, judging, or if you would like assistance preparing for the competition, please contact the Kingdom MOAS, Mistress Elena Hylton (

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