Esperanza de Cordoba – Spanish Headwear

Name: Esperanza de Cordoba

Item: Cofia y Tranzado – Spanish Headwear

East Kingdom Wiki Link:

The cofia y tranzado is a Spanish style of headcovering. It is typically a veil of silk or linen that may or may not be embellished with trim or embroidery. It is worn far back on the head and gathers at the nape of the neck to form a braid casing. The braid casing is then wrapped in ribbons to secure the hair.

The hair itself is worn with a middle part, and gathered loosely to cover the ears to a low braid at the base of the neck. Several sources mentioned that the style was first documented in 1410 and was popular in the late 1300s-1500s. However there is some discussion that its origin is Byzantine and that it was used in the 12th and 13th centuries.

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  1. Beautiful work! Nothing elevates a medieval look quite like a well researched hairstyle and proper headgear! Kudos!

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