Master List of Online A&S Webinars

The MoAS office hops that this list can become an ongoing repository of online A&S classes being held by artisans throughout the kingdom.

As the MoAS Office learns about online A&S classes, we will post them here.

If you know of an online class to add to this list, or you want to teach yourself please e-mail:

Other Locations for online A&S classes

April 3 (Friday): Cooking with Master Galefridus, 6-7pm. Join Master Galefridus Peregrinus as he prepares a dinner of Sour Orange Chicken, a recipe from Scents and Flavors: A Syrian Cookbook, which is Charles Perry’s translation of Kitāb al-Wusla il’al-Habib, a cookbook from 13th century Syria. The original recipe reads as follows:
“Take sour orange or the sour part of citron, extract the pulp, and mix into syrup. Thicken to the consistency of beverage syrup. Fry the chicken and add. This is an unusual dish. When serving, plate the chicken and garnish with citron or orange flesh all over, on the breast and sides and underneath.” Meeting Link

April 4th (Saturday) Pattern Drafting: Measurements, Fitting, & Draping. 6-9pm. Taught by Elizabeth Snelling of Stonemarch & sponsored by the Shire of Mountain Freehold. The first part of this class will be spent learning how to take your own measurements, drafting or modifyng a pattern to fit your measurements, and draping your pattern on your body to ensure a perfect fit. The second part will be 15-minute time slots where you can bring your own projects to the screen for feedback and advice. Feel free to listen to what other people are working on, and sign up for a slot in advance by emaling Rosie of Mountain Freehold (MoAS) at: Meeting Link: One tap mobile  +19294362866,,824377575# US (New York)

Note: This is part two of class that was taught in person a few months ago. But, the classes can be taken independently, and notes from the first class can be found here

April 5th (Sunday) The Canton of Hawke’s Reache: Virtual A&S Schola. 1-5pm. An afternoon of impromptu classes, assistance, and people to hang out with while crafting.  The main room will feature a “chat and craft,” with dedicated breakout rooms for particular topics or skills as there is interest.  Questions: please contact Lady Medbh (local A&S Minister) at Meeting Link:

April 7 (Tuesday) Block Printing. 7-8 pm, Viscountess Sefa Hrafnsdottir Take your artist instant gratification and garb prettification to the next level with wood block stamping! Wood block stamping dates back to ancient Egypt, and grew to be common in both Asia and Europe. Don’t know what to do with your stamped fabric? Make a tunic! A dress! A neck plaque, pretty sleeves, or fancy bias tape! The opportunities are endless. Meeting Link:
If you would like to stamp along during the class, have the following supplies at the ready (and don’t forget to wear clothes that you don’t mind getting paint on):

  • preferred paint (fabric paint, screen printing ink, etc.)
  • Stamps for block printing
  • Fabric (or a garment- a bit more challenging, but it can be done)
  • Sponge applicator
  • Yoga mat or any other solid foam mat

April 8 (Wednesday) Teaching European Dance. 8-9pm. Instructor: Master Philip White. This class is particularly useful for beginning dance teachers but can also help polish anyone’s skills. Some of these steps may seem obvious or come to you naturally. I have tried to break down the process as simply as possible. They are different actions that have been more successful when I teach as I have worked to become a better teacher myself. Meeting Link:

April 9th (Thursday) “Things to Remember If You Are Working From a Sword Manual,” 7-8pm. Instructor Master Donovan Shinnock.  If you’re just starting to work on your fencing from a period manual, or have been doing it for a while and want some things to think about, you may want this! We’ll go through approaches, things to keep in mind, and how to practice what you’re reading about – with an emphasis on what you can do solo. No swords necessary! Lecture, discussion, and Q&A. Meeting Link:

April 18th (Saturday) “Laurel’s Challenge: Martial A&S,” Begins at 10:00am, Sponsored by Nataliia Anastasiia Evgenova Sviatoslavina.

If you wish to Spectate or Present, please pre-register here: . A meeting link will be sent to you by e-mail. Technology questions? e-mail

While the EK Artisans and Scholars event sadly had to be canceled, Master Natalia has volunteered to run her personal laurel’s challenge focused arround the topic of Martial A&S.

Entrants will each have 5 minutes to present on a topic related to Martial A&S. The original challenge is below, but we understand that things may need to be adjusted for online presentation. Remember, this is not a competition, just an opportunity to share your art and learn from others. There will be time during the meeting for questions and discussion.

Original Challenge Prompt: Develop a project that explores a recreation of a historical martial technique and/or the culture and history of a particular culture’s use of arms, weapons and war. Project should be least one mode of presentation with historical references and can include a variety of modes as suits the presenter. Examples of projects could be a research paper with bibliography and/or annotations, physical demonstration against the same or different martial techniques, presentation in any form (power point, posters, handouts, plates, copies of paintings, art work, manuals, treatises) of historical background, art of war, civilian arms, and weaponry. All levels are welcome and encouraged.

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