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The MoAS office receives reports two times a year from local A&S ministers. Below are some highlights from the wonderful projects and interesting work found in those reports recieved in Winter of 2020.

Northern Region: Deputy=THL Amalie von Hohensee

This is a shout-out for the shire of Panther Vale and it’s Cooking Challenges

“When the going gets tough, the tough get…cooking! In an effort to encourage the good folk of the Shire of Panther Vale to cook up some fun, Aurelia Colleoni a’Buccafurno has been putting together monthly cooking challenges for the populace. Each month, Aurelia presents a specific topic for a cooking challenge, which is then followed by a monthly Zoom meeting for the cooks to discuss their findings, share recipes, and see what others have created. The recipes can be medieval or modern – whatever inspires folks to get to the kitchen!”
“December’s topic of meat pies was particularly popular, and all manner of pies, from beef to pork to chicken, were cooked up by the eager populace. January will focus on citrus, which has already yielded some tantalizing sweet and sour creations, such as orange chicken to candied lemon peels.”

Information courtesy of Alienor Hathaway, MoAS for the Shire of Panther Vale 

Central Region: Deputy= THL Arabella De Mere

This is a shout-out for the EK Regional Metal and Glass Collaborative for their “Sparkly and Shiny” online A&S programing

“For all of us during this pandemic, not being able to expand many of our horizons was an especially hard pill to swallow. Many willing gentles, some who have never taught in such a capacity, came to the forefront during this time, hosting classes to keep the rest of us educated and entertained.”

“Sparkly and Shiny was conceived to bring the oft-sidelined metal and glass arts to the masses at large in a fun and non-intimidating format. The purpose of the event was for artisans in these arts to teach their craft to beginners so that they can accomplish these new-to-them skills from the comfort of their homes. “

“Our inaugural Sparkly and Shiny, co-sponsored by the Barony of Smoking Rocks, drew teachers and spectators from around the Known World, covering subjects from forging Silver to setting up a glass bead home studio. There were also live feeds from three locations; the studio of THL Roibeard mac Neill in the Shire of Quintavia where he and event Co- Steward Ld. Ubba of Smoking Rocks hosted and the Lady Kira administered and controlled the entire event, The Baronial homestead of Baron Fergus Redmead where he and Lord Faelan MacLachlainn forged and cast a variety of projects, and the home of THL Sigvardr Halfdanarson where he forged silver from his smithy. People “attended” for two days of classes and live demos. As an inaugural event it was a wondrous success. Now, it looks towards its second installment.”

Sparkly and Shiny Goes to Birka will take place February 13-14 and is being co-sponsored by the Barony of Stonemarche. This second installment will, following Birka tradition, feature several artisans that not only teach but also sell their wondrous handmade pieces, as well as other teachers from around the Known World providing their knowledge to spectators throughout the Known World. It will be bigger than the previous installment, providing space for more teachers. It will also open its airwaves to Birka merchants to allow for short marketing blurbs featuring their merchant and product information. 

Teaching space is limited! If you would like to teach a Metal or Glass arts class geared towards the beginner or intermediate artisan with an emphasis on small shop/home space use, e-mail us at

*Information courtesy of  Roibeard mac Neill

Southern Region: Deputy THL Ibrahim al-Rashid)

“ZOOM dance practices during the pandemic:” Shire of Hartshorn-Dale

The Shire of Hartshorn-Dale has long had regular weekly dance practices, and while dancing over Zoom is not the same, it’s proven to be a reasonable (and safe) alternative. Some dances have proven themselves well adapted to being danced as a single person or single couple, such as Black Alman, Green Gynger, and many of the three-couple dances. We’ve even managed some of the more complicated ones, and when you’re dancing by yourself you can’t really break the dance when you make a mistake! (Or when you decide to dance all the roles because you’ve been sitting at a computer all day, and find yourself dancing both the leader & follower parts of Rostiboli.)

While we mostly dance our well-known favorites, we have worked on some new or less familiar dances. It’s been a lovely way to visit with each other, practice dances, and get some light exercise — just as we would in person.

—-Write up courtesy of Sara le Payller

If you have any questions about Hartshorn-dale’s dance practice, please get in touch with their MoAS officer at:

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