Magdalena Gdanska – Triptych based on style of the Novgorod Icon School

Name: Magdalena Gdanska (MKA Daria Messino)

This was a work in progress for several years.

I was given the unfinished wood triptych many years ago. Thank you Lady Apollonia. First I had to seal and gesso the surface. To the best of my ability, I used period materials, purchased hide glue and marble dust. This was one of my first attempts at egg tempera as well. When I became apprentice to Dame Annetje Van Woerden, she challenged me to complete several works in progress, this is one of them. In addition to preparing the wood surface, I was able to find the latch and corners to give it a more finished look. The finish comes from the egg yolk used in the paint. It was not coated with a sealant other than the egg in the paint. The egg tempera will cure to a strong, protective surface.

The time period for this icon would fall in the 15th century before Moscow became the cultural center of the region. I see this triptych being used in the home or possibly traveling with the owner. I say that due to its small size (8×10 inches) and simple nature.

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