Markus Farmaðr – Iron Gall Ink

Name: Markus Farmaðr

The project being displayed began as an attempt to learn more about making period inks & dyes to assist a friend and illuminator have access to their first period ink.  The investigation led me through various media to discover Ugo da Carpi, a venetian woodblock printer, and his recipe for Oak Gall inks (1535). 

The exploration of the ink was interesting because it ultimately allowed me to create something new to support other people’s art and allow them to be closer to the medieval artists who continue to inspire them to create scrolls for the East Kingdom populace.

In addition, from a scientific perspective, while the source material wouldn’t have necessarily known why the materials reacted the way they did, this project allowed me to investigate deeper to gain an understanding of the chemical reactions at play.

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  1. This was a wonderful project. I’d love to see any examples of the work your friend created with this ink, too!

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