Phelippe Le Vigneron – 14th Century English Mead

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(Process explanation and documentation forthcoming)

Greetings fellow artisans! I am thrilled to present my ongoing adventure into the delightful world of 14th-century English mead. Inspired by the works of Petrus Peregrinus from Tractatus de Magnete et Operationibus Eius, I’ve embarked on a quest to recreate his extant mead recipe. What began as a friendly get-together guised as a modest attempt at historical mead making has sparked a lot of questions and drawn in many people with pieces of the puzzle to add.

The project has evolved into an ongoing experiment involving various historical cooks and brewers, all of whom brought their expertise and curiosity to the table. Together, we discussed the appropriate cookware and vessels that would have been used for primary and secondary fermentation, each step adding a layer of authenticity (and potential additional flavors) to the process.

This is my maiden voyage into historically accurate mead-making, and after my initial attempt, I’ve begun a second iteration with updated materials. The recipe, a quick-batch that takes just five days from start to finish, will hopefully be put to the test at Pennsic for the Brewers Guild Panel. With any luck (and perhaps a bit of help from a few friends), I’ll manage to serve a historically accurate brew that will have been completed onsite. Cheers to historical inebriation!

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