Shawnessy of Malagentia – Viking Coat

I loved my long cloak, but sometimes it was hard to stay warm in it. (Such as when carrying baskets or shooting a bow.) That’s why I made this coat! Since textiles didn’t survive I chose a simple construction that seemed consistent with perceived Viking asthetics. 


Materials- I used heavy weight wool coating and linen for lining. 

Construction- I made my own patterns in order to learn how,  and I wanted a custom fit.  It is mid-length to prevent tripping on stairs.  I set in 3 gores for a nice shape. Sleeves are seemed down to the side seem. I cut the wool and linen to be sewn together in flat felling.  I then whipped down all the edges over an amber colored wool yarn. It is neat and secure.  I trimmed the coat with tablet woven trim and made deer antler toggles for closures.  I used wool and leather to attach them. There is a space in their line for a belt to be worn. There is a loop for hanging in the back neck band. Since there are no pockets I needed to make a purse! 


The purse was inspired by finds from Hedeby. I liked the method of closure. I used leftover wool and linen for the bag and strap.  There are pockets inside.  I made the handles from black walnut wood. The buttons on the ends of the strap are star knots made of tarred marlin.  The front of the bag has an embroidered motif of 3 entwined rabbits which is stab stitched on and and edge whipped over an amber colored wool yarn.  This circular motif is of unknown origin and age. It appears in many sacred sites from East Asia,  the Middle East and even churches of Devon England.  It is thought to have a range of symbolic or mystical associations with fertility and the lunar cycle. 


Using left over materials I made this simple 6 panel HAT. It is not lined. The seams are stabb stitched.  It is trimmed with the same tablet woven trim as the coat. 

HAT #2

This HAT is a triangle Merchants cap. It is also made of wool scraps and is lined with linen.  It has a bit of the same tablet trim.  The band is trimmed with fur. I put a bronze hat tip on the end like those found at Birka. This HAT is very warm!


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