Sulicena Vassura – Learning New Things Keeps Me Warm

Needing something is often what inspires me to learn how to work with new materials or techniques. Usually the technique is something I’ve stashed away in the back of my mind or bookcase, sometimes for years. Both were certainly the case with nålbinding and the items I’m sharing here.

I love outdoor activities, and as a member of the East Kingdom Royal Foresters Guild, having gear and garb for winter activities that also suits my persona felt important. I have wanted to try nålbinding for a long time, but coming from a knitting background, I felt uncomfortable trying to make things without a pattern. By finally jumping in I learned that nålbinding is very flexible and intuitive. Trying the hat and socks on as I worked and adding or decreasing stitches as I went actually turned out beautifully. I used the Mammen stitch, which works two loops with each stitch and produces a lovely, dense fabric.

I’m pleased with what I made, how they feel to wear, and am excited to add them to my kit and see how they hold up in cold weather.

Full Picture of Hat here

Full Picture of Socks here

Full Picture of Slippers here

One thought on “Sulicena Vassura – Learning New Things Keeps Me Warm

  1. I love that you’ve made sturdy and practical things that you enjoy wearing! Nice job!

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