Want to teach an online class, but need help?

The Ministry of Arts & Sciences would like to encourage our artisans to explore using Google Meet as an option to create online A&S classes for our Kingdom.

We all have access to this platform for free through our kingdom email account, which lets us create group classes with video, audio, document sharing, screen sharing, phone-in options for those without internet, and chat. We have been using it for a variety of MOAS-sponsored classes in the past year to great success, and would love to see what online classes our artisans can create and share!

Do you have a class that you could teach online, maybe a lecture on your research, a demonstration of a technique, a crafting skill to teach that people would have supplies on hand to learn at home? We would love to support you in running it as an online class!

You can also reach out to our Deputy of A&S Education at moas.education@eastkingdom.org for advice on structuring classes, questions about topics, and more.

Thank you for helping us to share our love of Arts & Sciences!

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