3rd Online Display – Baron Omelan the Left

Name: Baron Omelan the Left

Location: Barony of Dragonship Haven 

My pandemic project was to make three items from a single large cow horn, about 30 inches long. I have worked with horn for a few years, mostly small items, black horn inserts for my arrows and animal silhouettes to decorate other projects. Have a couple of more projects in mind.

Item #1. The first item I made is the large tankard on the right. Just over 7 inches tall, open end about 3 ½ inches across. Copper tubing trim, homemade rivets, 2 piece base, inside sealer plug of poplar, outside base of cherry, brass wire trim. Bent black horn handle, and several animal silhouettes for decoration. Inside sealed with beeswax.

Item #2 on the left is a working signal horn, in a medieval style sea monster. Copper tubing lips, brass teeth, horn tongue and eyes, 3 piece laminated 3D horn fins. 13 ½ inches long to the tip of the tongue, 5 inches tall. Free standing on 2 fins and chin tip.

Item #3 is my homemade coronet. Horn strips, linen and leather backing, 6 brass points tipped with saltwater pearls. Small flower rivets all around. Double thick rabbit fur liner for comfort, attached using multiple ply linen thread to 20 attachment points installed on the leather liner. Fur can be replaced. The coronet is adjustable. 4 small brass grommets at the back, homemade hemp cordage, yellow and black. Cord ends tipped with small fancy horn pieces.

7 thoughts on “3rd Online Display – Baron Omelan the Left

  1. Lovely work. I’d love to learn more about carving horn. I have never taken a class on this before 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing your work! I know that working in horn can be tricky. These are very nicely done!

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