3rd Online Display – Fausta Rutilia

Name: Fausta Rutilia

Location: Barony of Stonemarche

Wiki: https://wiki.eastkingdom.org/wiki/Rutilia_Fausta

During the Pandemic, I was feeling like I needed to get out. So, barring any better options, I would go for long walks in my woods and the nature preserve next door. My current (former?) research interest was Weird Roman Remedies, so I was in the woods looking for oak galls in August 2021.. found a weird one, poked it with my nail, and it bled red on me. Next to it was a pretty purple mushroom- and thus, the Colors of Stonemarche was accidentally created!

The Colors of Stonemarche may be found in wild plants and weeds, trees,  fungi, and lichens. Most of the
current dyes are Probably Period or Non-Period, but I am working on adding to the Period collection now that the seasons are changing.


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  1. Dyeing is a rabbit hole I’m trying very, very hard to avoid.
    It’s really fun to see all the possible colors just from “weeds”.
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. I love the curiosity and sense of adventure in this project. And the fact that you made yourself a basket for collecting plants!

  3. i love how you are using the fun and adventure of a back yard walk to get more into dyeing with an eye to working up to more period stuff, eventually. But starting out with the exploration and curiosity is lovely!

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