Viking Age Sitting Apparatus – Alric the Younger

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Since the dawn of time, people have wanted to keep their posterior off of the damp wet ground. I built my own version of a simple stool found in various archaeological digs throughout time. It is a sturdy and functional piece for everyday life.

Full Documentation:

16 thoughts on “Viking Age Sitting Apparatus – Alric the Younger

  1. I was glad to find a stool by the end of the A+S exhibitions, for I desperately needed a seat.

    This was a really fun to read document, and informative! I expect these to become the fashion in our Kingdom, soon. Great work!

    In Service,
    Randve Littil Hammar, MoAS of the Crown Province of Ostgardr

  2. Well done. Your entry brought a smile to my face and memories of sitting a fire at Pennsic. Thank you.

  3. The humor you sprinkled throughout your documentation made it a delight to read. Thank you for sharing your project!

  4. I love that this project is as much about the “process” as the product. Shaping everything by hand, instead of with power tools, gives you an appreciation for the details and why things are done in a certain way. Even something as simple as a 3-legged stool has complexities in the angle and length of the legs. I really like this – well thought-out, and well done!

  5. Nicely done. Furniture of this style was fairly ubiquitous, it is easy, doens’t need many tools, and is great use of material. Lots of period artwork representation too. Def agree on the 4th leg! and i like your idea of the angle guage and line to help keep the holes good. my shavinghorse is a bit lame due to improper hole angles. I agree the angle isn’t that specific, but it helps a lot if they are all nearly the same as each other. Well done!

  6. Brother Alric, as you may have noticed I am very fond of the everyday objects of farm, field and forest, not only because of their utility but because I see a beauty in their simple design and honest craftsmanship. Your stool checks all those boxes. I look forward to giving it a try the next time we share a campfire. Well done my friend!

  7. What a great project! It looks comfortable, it’s compact enough to be an easily stored piece of camp gear, and I love seeing the history of this stool style. Well-organized documentation, and a lot of work put into the making, too — thank you for sharing this!

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