Controlling participants in an A&S activity

A question to the Kingdom A&S Minister, Master Philip White:

“I am running an A&S activity. There is a person that I do not want involved. Can I stop them from participating?”

A reply from the Minister:

I’ll reply to this with some caution. Questions like these are likely loaded with a lot of personal circumstances and they do not come with an easy answer.

Are you hosting this A&S activity for your local group? Is it to be an SCA function? Or is this going to be a private matter separate from official SCA activities?

Is this a private activity?

Your private activities are your own affair. You’re welcome to make plans and limit participation, as you need it. These activities would be outside of the SCA and your own responsibility.

Is this an SCA activity?

We’re an open organization. We welcome members and newcomers alike. Please keep an open door as much as possible.

That said? We are also volunteers. We need to keep people safe and comfortable.

Now, there are a variety of A&S activities you may be running. Here are two examples that may come up.

Are you hosting an A&S night at your home?

Of course you need to be careful about who comes into your personal space. If you are not comfortable sharing your address with strangers in your home you may instead want to find a separate venue. If you have individual conflicts with existing members you may want to set up conversations with independent people to mediate issues.

If you’re not able to welcome all people, that’s okay. You do not have to welcome everyone into your home. Set your activity up as a private event, then, so that you are able to control your space and not cause conflicts within the group.

Also be prepared that others in the group may set up the same kind of activity in order to welcome the whole populace. That’s okay too. A private activity and a group activity can exist at the same time if it needs to.

Are you running a competition at an event?

Publish your entrant rules. Set up restrictions or expectations as you need them. You can require original work or documentation or only beginners. Those things are okay. Or perhaps entrants have to meet the expectations of the Crown or local Nobility. That could be okay too.

If a person then qualifies you would allow them to enter.

Still. You may have judges that would not feel comfortable judging the individual. We’re all volunteers. We are not going to force ourselves to do things we are not comfortable doing. So, try to find a judge that is okay with working with the individual. Do not force people into positions that would be difficult to manage.

As I said, these are just a few examples. Please treat each instance individually. Ask for help. Talk to your local Seneschal and your up-line A&S Ministers. Figure out what your options are and go from there.

This is all kept in balance. We’re providing a welcoming and safe environment for all individuals, both visitors and volunteers.

Remember… Have fun! Learn! Teach!

Your Servant to Command,

Note, I have not addressed individuals who have received a Revocation and Denial of Membership (R&D). These people are not involved with the SCA in any function. People also receiving Banishment may have limitations on their participation. SCA rules apply in these situations.

Note, also, there may be modern legal circumstances that affect participation. Legal direction will always be followed first.

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