Display – Linen Tunic by Wynflaed aet Hamtunscire

Baroness Wynflaed aet Hamtunscire, Barony of Bergental

EK Wiki: https://wiki.eastkingdom.org/index.php?title=Wynflaed_aec_Hamtunscire

This dress pattern is based on the “Norman Tunic Dress” that can be found at Linen Garb. It can also be considered to be an “Anglo-Saxon”/Early Medieval underdress.
I have made apron dresses at unsuccessfully tried my hand at cotehardies in the past. (Sleeves are hard.) This dress represents my first fully successful attempt at creating functional sleeves.
The dress is fully hand sewn, and will be embellished with handwoven trim made by me, and the bottom hem will be hand stamped by me.
The stamping is questionable as to its accuracy for the Saxon/Norman time period. Stamping was used during the middle ages, but probably later in other parts of the world, such as India.

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9 thoughts on “Display – Linen Tunic by Wynflaed aet Hamtunscire

  1. Sleeves are such a pain, but these came out looking great! I love the trim, the colors pop so nicely with the dress!

    1. I have tricks for your curved sleeves 🙂 Great job! I know you were nervous but it looks great! Thank you for having the courage to display.

  2. ohhh, you had me at “fully hand sewn” …wow! Stamping is also super cool, and I want to learn how 🙂

  3. Sleeves ARE hard. Good job surviving them! The trim is going to look great on that tunic.

  4. Beautiful color. I tend to struggle with necklines and shapes as they are either too small or the stretch. I may try your idea of lining the opening and neckline with a woven band to help stabilize it.

  5. This is a beautiful piece. I love to color and can’t imagine the work that you put in to hand sew this. I can’t wait to see it on you.

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